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International Musical Instrument Suppliers, Specialising in MI Sourcing and Distribution

International Musical Instrument Sourcing

Contacts with several hundred musical instrument distribution firms worldwide, co-ordinated by a dedicated team of multi-lingual staff.

Musical Instrument Product Design

Our specialist team of UK and US design experts, can take a product idea through to design, prototyping, market testing and product launch.

MI Sourcing Experts for OEM/ODM Brands

We are specialist musical instrument suppliers, sourcing for some of the biggest brands in the business. We are reassuringly professional and reliable.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

IBC Trading Ltd offers companies a complete marketing packaging, looking at all aspects of the marketing mix including the distribution of music instruments.

Who We Are.

Based in the UK but with offices and associates in Europe, Asia, The Americas and the Middle East, IBC Trading has sourced product for some of the top brands across the MI industry. We are the musical instrument suppliers of choice for customers in North America, South America, most of Europe and various territories in Asia.

In addition, we’ve managed international sales and musical instrument distribution on behalf of many MI companies including Fishman Transducers, G7th Capos, Parker Guitars, Techra Accessories, Stanford, Eko, Breedlove, Lowden and Flaxwood Guitars amongst many others.

Titanic Acoustic Guitar

Global Sourcing & Servicing for your company!

As specialist suppliers of musical instruments and accessories, sourcing single items or container volumes, IBCT are experienced in supplying exactly what you need.